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Pencil Drawn Pet Portraits

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Pencil drawn portraits from your photos.  Portraits are 11x14 and drawn with detailed clarity.  Just e-mail or mail your photo to me.  I can also put more than one pet in the portrait even if you have two separate photos.  Any pet is perfect for the portrait.  I have even drawn hamsters.  Make sure your photo is clear because remember I have never seen your pet and will only have the photo to go by.  I also offer gift certificates for that unique gift.  That way the recipient can pick out their favorite photo of their best friend. My turnaround is usually about 3-4 weeks but make sure you get it to me in plenty of time for a special date in case my calendar is full. Especially close to Christmas. Just send your photo or photos to dogbooks.portraits@gmail.com. If you need more info or want me to contact you e-mail me at dogbooks.portraits@gmail.com.  Thanks!!!

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